Case Study


Case Study # 1: Using of Smartball Free Swimming Non-Tethered Leak Detection Technology in Malaysia.

Smartball free swimming in-line leak detection technology was first used in Malaysia back in 2012. Upon approval, a proof of concept (POC) of this technology was conducted in one of problematic district metered zone (DMZ) with high physical loss in Gombak, Selangor.

The POC shows a very good result in detecting leaks which cannot be detected with other type of leak detection equipment. The first big scale project was implemented in 2013; to inspect trunk main pipelines in district of Sabak Bernam. Total 139km pipeline were successfully inspected where 88 number of leaks were found.

As a result from the leak repair, 5.1 MLD reduction in physical losses was gained. Water Treatment Plants production reduced to 49.4 MLD compare to 54.5 MLD before the leak detection and repair work were carried out.

During the period from 2014 to 2016, a large scale leak detection using Smartball were introduced and implemented in Selangor followed by other states in Malaysia. In summary, since 2013 a total of 2,000km of large diameter mains were inspected, with a total of 700 leaks and a total savings of 50 MLD! 


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