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Sewerline Inspection (CCTV) 

Sewerline Inspection (CCTV) 


Discover new service solution by JCSB, Sewerline Inspection by using advanced technology camera closed-circuit TV (CCTV) mounted on the robotic device. By using this technology our staff can locate the exact problems in the sewerlines / pipes or what causes them. The problem in the sewelines might include root intrusion, crack, punctures, corrosion or misaligned pipe section.

With this technology our staff can simply create survey reports more acurate and more efficiently. Other than that it has complete on-board reporting capabilities and connectivity, quickly delivering content-rich survey reports to the customer and creating a comprehensive report quick and easy. 

Our Services :
• Survey/Inspection (Report)
• Pipe Patching (Repair)

CCTV Short Video 

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