Centralize Sewage Treatment Plant

Kuantan Centralize Sewage Treatment Plant, CSTP 

Kuantan CSTPs is designed to achieve the Standard A effluent quality specifically to reduce river pollution and equipped with Green Technology Initiatives by complying with Category 1, Environmental Quality Act 1974, Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulations 2009, and Second Schedule (Regulation 7) – Effluent Standard A which can accommodate sewage inflow of 45,000 m3/day or 200,000 population equivalent (PE) covering a total of 172.59 sq.km catchment area of Bandar Kuantan and Kempadang.

Sewerage Treatment Process

The sewerage treatment process shall be Extended Aeration (EA) System and the operation as follows:
• Raw Waste
• Primary And Secondary Screen Chamber
• Grit And Grease Chamber
• Extended Aeration Tanks
• Clarifier Tank
• Treated Effluent 


Green Technology

Our Centralized Sewage treatment plant uses Green technology which is renewable ans constant. It consists as follows:
• Solar PV System
• Effluent Water Reuse

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