“Echologics Proof of Concept on LeakFinderRT”

IWA World Water Congress and Conference

Plugging the Leaks: How digital tools can prevent water loss

“Echologics Proof of Concept on LeakFinderRT”

During the five-day project, Echologics acoustically surveyed more than 4,700m of non-ferrous water mains with as little as 0.9bar of flow pressure; sensors were placed less than 700m apart on available fire hydrants and meter stands. A total of five water main leaks, one illegal connection and one broken meter with a customer side leak were non-invasively pinpointed. Impressed with the technology’s accurate and non-invasive leak detection capabilities, JCSB adopted LeakFinderRT for use by some of its engineering crews. Immediately following the project,

it ordered additional LeakFinderRT units as well as two weeks of onsite training from Echologics.“At Jalur Cahaya Sdn Bhd, we are committed to serving our clients with the best and cost effective solutions that will help them to reduce non-revenue water levels,” said Sheikh Mazlan Sheikh Hassan, Chief Operating Officer, JCSB. “Echologics’ technology will bolster our current service offerings by giving our engineers the tools they need to quickly and accurately locate leaks in almost any environment they encounter—without disrupting surrounding infrastructure. Our vast experience combined with these capabilities will help us as we partner with other States in Malaysia to help them resolve their non-revenue water woes.

The International Water Association (IWA) organises the high-profile IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition every two years. We are excited to announce that the 2014 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon’s lively present and proud past combine in a melting pot of cultural diversity. Its friendliness and relaxed atmosphere promise a unique experience for all visitors.

Situated at the mouth of the Tagus River, and famed for its 58-kilometre long Águas Livres aqueduct and its canals, Lisbon has the oldest and largest water supply company in Portugal—Empresa Portuguesa de Águas Livres (EPAL).

EPAL has continued to evolve and to serve the Lisbon area with quality, modern water solutions to cope with historic and recent water challenges.

In the past 20 years, Portugal has seen outstanding improvements in water management, including increased expertise in regulation, planning and governance of water services. This requires complex


international basin management, as Portugal shares five river basins with Spain. These improvements have been reflected in the creation of the Portuguese Water Partnership; its mission is to demonstrate Portugal’s intent to work with international professionals, institutions and companies to build on the shared knowledge and skills of the world’s water research and industry leaders.

The country’s main water associations are represented by CNAIA, the Portuguese National Committee of IWA, which provides discussion forums, training and professional development for its members. CNAIA also puts great emphasis on the cooperation required to develop sustainable water management in line with the Millennium Development Goals.

Portugal’s experiences will be of interest to international leaders looking for successful examples of enterprising regional systems, national policy initiatives, balancing private and public sectors, financial sustainability, and the regulation and benchmarking of water systems.

In that light, this 9th IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition continues the IWA’s biannual tradition, which began in Paris in 2000, of gathering together under one roof the best international ideas and the most dynamic global water professionals.

Plugging the Leaks : How digital tools can prevent water loss


Recently, our water specialist partners in the United Kingdom have been highlighted in The Guardian News Paper. The article, “Plugging the Leaks: How digital tools can prevent water loss” is a good reading material especially for water authorities and regulators to enrich their information on advanced leakage detection tools that are available in the market today. The article also states the ideas and parties involved in technological advancement and it’s achievement as a pivotal tool in NRW reduction efforts throughout England and Wales.



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