Autonomous In-Line Pipe Assessment – SMARTBALL SYSTEM

SmartBall® is an innovative free-swimming in-line leak detection technology designed to operate in live large diameter water mains. It is a free-swimming foam ball with an instrument-filled aluminum alloy core capable of detecting and locating very small leaks and gas pocket leaks in pipelines. The size of the SmartBall® selected for a specific survey is based on a number of criteria including the diameter of the pipeline, location of in-line valves, the size of the appurtenances through which the SmartBall® is inserted and retrieved, and the presence of other lateral lines. Typically, the SmartBall® will be less than one-third the diameter of the pipeline. The advantages are as below:

 there is no apparatus noise, so it can detect very small leaks.

Typical location accuracy within 10 ft. (3 m)

 Small size allows it to pass through inline valves, reducers and other appurtenances.

Long battery life and large memory capacity.

Only two access points are needed into the pipe -- one at insertion and one at extraction.

Lightweight tracking equipment requiring minimal access to the pipe.

High leak acoustic sensitivity and leak detection resolution.

For further clarification, please click the  2 video link below:

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